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The GRSM-DIII is a versatile, multipurpose, programmable vacuum casting machine. It is suitable for a wide variety of metals and comes complete the ability to independently vacuum both chambers. Overpressure can be applied with inert gas to the melting chamber to help aid the casting process. Up to 50 individual casting programs can be saved allowing unique settings to be recalled quickly to aid efficiency and ensure ease of use.

  • Self diagnostic alarm function
  • Excellent quality / high efficiency castings
  • 7Kw Induction Power
  • Vibration stirring before casting
  • Fully Automatic and Manual Operation
  • Independent Vacuum on each chamber
  • 1.5Kg Metal Capacity
  • Flask with flange
  • Pressure differential casting
Power Supply415V - 3 Phase
Temperature Range0-1400 °C
Material Type Gold, Silver and Copper, Brass, Bronze
Crucible Type Graphite, Ceramic
Compressed Air 6 bar
Protective gas Argon or Nitrogen (2-5 bar)
Cooling Method Water (2-3 bar)
Memory 50 Casting Programs

Vacuum pump optional (25m3/hr) Water Cooler optional