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VC 200/300 are designed to be robust and easy to use. All relevant parts are watercooled by high-grade steel pipes. These machines are designed for continuous work. This modern resistant heated casting machine for casting jewellery and precision parts offers excellent casting results for smaller production capacity with ready mixed alloys.

  • Very easy handling, top results
  • Short training period only
  • Change of crucible/stopper rod in a very short time
  • Best value-performance ratio
  • Compact design 500 x 820 x 1450 (h)mm, weight approx. 95 kgs
  • VC 300: For all jewellery alloys, very good for 8/9/10 ct (needs overpressure because of zinc contents) or silver (needs vacuum for degassing).
  • Cleaning of already used metal by granulation tank
  • Standard applications in workshops, designer's studios, small factories
  • For all standard jewellery alloys, melting point 1200°C

Electrical connection2 kW on 230 v/ single phase, 10 amps
Flasks up to Ø130 x 260 mm
Weight without packaging30 kgs
Crucible's capacity 245 cm³ = around 3 kg AU 18 ct
Optional: granulation tank
Option: floor base (a must in case of using flask lift)