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The VC 450 is equipped with a program control system with full text read out LCD display. With help of the step-by-step display information and many automatic functions, the machine is very easy to handle, even for less experienced users. The program control for up to 20 different casting cycles allow reproducible and consistent casting results.

  • Very easy handling, top results
  • Short training period only
  • Change of crucible/stopper rod in a very short time
  • Best value-performance ratio
  • Compact design: 500 x 760 x 800 (WxLxH) mm, weight 85 kgs
  • Alloy preparation with gold + master alloy
  • Cleaning of already used metal by granulation tank
  • Crucible's capacity 170 ccm = > 2 kg AU 18 ct
  • All handling steps pneumatic assisted

Max Temperature1400 degrees
Crucible Capacity 170ccm - 2.5kg Au18ct
Max Flask Size 130 / 240 mm h
Optional: granulation tank
Option: Diffusion bonding (sintering) kit