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VC480 V

The VC 480 V is based on the VC 450 and offers the same melting capacity. However, in addition to the technical equipment of the VC 450, the VC480 V comes with 8 kW generator power, an advanced program control with 100 casting programs, variable vacuum in the flask chamber and also introduces the vibration system

  • Very easy handling, top results
  • Short training period only
  • Change of crucible/stopper rod in a very short time
  • Best value-performance ratio
  • Compact design: 500 x 760 x 800 (WxLxH) mm, weight 85 kgs
  • Alloy preparation with gold + master alloy
  • Cleaning of already used metal by granulation tank
  • Crucible's capacity 170 ccm = > 2 kg AU 18 ct
  • All handling steps pneumatic assisted

Max Temperature1600 degrees
Crucible Capacity 170ccm - 2.5kg Au 18ct
Max Flask Size 130 / 240 mm h
Optional: granulation tank
Option: Diffusion bonding (sintering) kit