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A machine which we would describe as 'State of the Art' the VC650V is suitable for all alloys up to 1700 degrees. It provides high efficiency and excellent quality castings

  • Very easy handling, top results
  • Short training period only
  • Very easy to understandable control system
  • Change of crucible/stopper rod in a very short time
  • Very good value-performance ratio
  • All casting applications in factories
  • Complete Data record is available by printer and RS 232-interface
  • For all precious metal alloys, even those, very difficulty in use
  • Advanced induction generator generation with power 12 kW

Max Temperature1600 degrees
Crucible Capacity 265 cm³ = 4 kg AU 18 ct
Max Flask Size 130 x 260 mm, smaller flasks with adapters,
Optional: granulation tank
Option: Diffusion bonding (sintering) kit