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GRS Furnace title

GRSM-TEF-4 Furnace.

The GRSM-TEF furnaces are both easy to operate and simple to control. They are equipped with a manual and automatic operation mode enabling parameters to be adjusted according to requirements. The unit is suitable for the wax burnout process and investment firing. An independent control box ensures longer service intervals and easy convenient movement / installation.

  • Up to 32 number of flasks
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Simple to install
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Programmable Interface with up to 32 stage heat profiles

Power Supply230V - Single Phase415V - Three Phase415V - Three Phase415V - Three Phase
Power Loss:4kW 7kW 7kW14kW
Internal Dimensions (mm):270x280x280 mm 400x400x400 mm 570x415x470 mm570x530x550 mm
Size (mm)580x540x780 mm 720x640x1500 mm 930x735x1450 mm 930x860x1530 mm