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GRS Polishing Machines

The GRSM-VA9, GRSM-VA18 & GRSM-VA36 series polishing machines are widely used for de-burring, chamfering and final polishing of jewellery, Medical and General Industry.

  • Complete wet and dry grinding / polishing solution
  • PU machine construction
  • Automatic heat radiation
  • Recyclable water system
  • Low maintenance/high reliability
  • Vortex flow
  • Adjustable working speeds

GRSM-VA9/1600 x 700 x 1180100kg
GRSM-VA9/2960 x 700 x 1180160kg
GRSM-VA9/31400 x 700 x 1180220kg
GRSM-VA18/1690 x 850 x 1440140kg
GRSM-VA18/21170 x 850 x 1440235kg
GRSM-VA18/31680 x 850 x 1440330kg
GRSM-VA36/1880 x 780 x 1440220kg
GRSM-VA36/21480 x 780 x 1440370kg
GRSM-VA36/32120 x 780 x 1440530kg