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GRS Polishing Machines

The GRSM-VA9, GRSM-VA18 & GRSM-VA36 series polishing machines are widely used for de-burring, chamfering and final polishing of jewellery, Medical and General Industry.

  • Mass finishing of small pieces (up to 2kg of pieces at one time)
  • Ideal for grinding (rough & fine), smoothing and polishing
  • Can be used with plastic chips, porcelain media and stainless shot
  • Polishing of jewellery, watch and glass frames

Power Supply415V , 3 Phase ,50 Hz
Power 0.75 KW
Barrel Capacity 15 L
Media Capacity: 12 Kg for plastic & porcelain
30 Kg for high Polymer Balls & Stainless Steel Balls
Work Piece: 1.5-2 Kg
Material Type: 1.5-2 Kg
Dimension: 550L*550W*960H (Vibrating Machine Parts)
550L*480W*1400H (Electrical Parts)
Weight: 180 Kg