World Leader in Casting Products

Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd (GRS)

Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd (GRS) and its sister companies are the World Leaders in the manufacture of Investment Powder, Moulding Rubber and Injection Waxes supplying to the lost wax and reclaimable pattern industries, selling in excess of 65,000 MT per annum.

GRS have been manufacturing investment powders for over 60 years and some of the industry sectors served include Aerospace, Automotive, Jewellery, Rapid Prototyping, Art Casting, Crystal Casting and Shoe Moulding.

Our product portfolio includes Non-Foamed & Foamed Casting Plasters, Ceramic Shell Casting materials, Injection Waxes, Moulding Rubbers, Processing Equipment and associated products.

Global Manufacturing Sites

GRS is the only investment powder manufacturer which has manufacturing facilities strategically located in UK, China, Thailand and India enabling a truly global supply network that understands the requirements of close customer relationships combined with world class technical support.

In each of our manufacturing locations we have locally based, highly trained, quality controlled technical sales teams which offer bespoke services to each of our customers, all supported by the UK Headquarters. Offering locally manufactured, competitively priced, high quality products.